Hej! I'm Mike, nice to meet you.

I'm a strange guy who loves nordic mythology and design in every form. I started my "career" at age 16 studying and improving myself constantly.

Nowdays I am a Front-End Dev with a dream, becoming a Full Stack Dev. Recently I started a project on my own, I use freebies from around the web to build free HTML templates, my goal is to provide quality templates for FREE and improving my skills at every template.


  • 2017


    I've started to create Free HTML templates using freebies, from PSD's to JS libraries or FREE icons, my objective is to become more strong in Front-End with this project and provide quality HTML templates for FREE.

  • 2016

    FEED ( Manchester )

    I worked as Junior email developer for FEED in Manchester. I learnt the basics of email development and new languages and platforms like, GRUNT, GIT, Handlebars and JSON.

  • 2014 / 2016

    KiRweb ( Rome )

    I worked as Web Designer for KiRweb in Rome. I was in charge to make personal websites for our customers, I used Wordpress most of the time learning everythng about it, especially all it's most powerful plugins.


  • 2013

    CEFI ( Rome )

    I started this course due to my passion for web design, I learnt all the basics of web design, from HTML to JS, at the same time I was practicing on my own to achieve my goal and become a Front-End dev.

  • 2010

    IIS Paolo Baffi ( Programming HS )

    During these years I studied programming using various languages such as Pascal, C# and Visual Basic, at the same time I was one of the few students involved in a CISCO program to become a technician, we were studying how to fix and build a pc from scratch.


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